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Helium prospector Helium One begins its second phase of exploration program

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Helium explorer Helium One has commenced its Phase 2 exploration programme at its Rukwa Project in Tanzania.

The Phase 2 2D Seismic Campaign will involve around 200 line km of 2D seismic targeting northern extensions of structure highs that act as a focus for helium charge.

Exploration of the Tai well site thus far has indicated some promising structures for the company, including high quality seal and reservoir units. Helium One has also identified trapping geometries and charge focus away from known surface steeps.

The company’s efforts also discovered a potential pocket of helium gas trapped within reservoir units below a 130m sealing claystone unit at the top of the Karoo Formation in Tai-1A.

Data acquired from ‘deep’ targets is also to be prioritised, as well as identifying trapping configurations across multiple plays. This will allow Helium One to mature further drillable prospects at Tai in its 2022 Conventional Drilling campaign.

 CEO, Helium One stated that, although delighted with the commencement of the Phase 2 campaign, with the coming wet season the project is not without its challenges.

He also spoke about new hires, the new appointments bring several decades of international industrial experience to the project and are hoped to further strengthen the company’s drilling campaign.


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