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Helium cylinder use instructions

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Due to production needs, cylinders must be used on site (indoor), the number of which must not exceed 5 bottles, and should meet the following requirements:

1. The room must be well ventilated to ensure that the maximum content of hydrogen in the air does not exceed 1% (volume ratio). A louver or vent hole is provided at the top of the building or at the top of the exterior wall. The venting holes should be oriented in a safe zone. The number of indoor air changes should not be less than three times per hour. The local ventilation should not be less than seven times per hour.

2. The distance between the hydrogen cylinder and the container and cylinder containing flammable, explosive substances and oxidizing gas should not be less than 8 meters.

3. The distance from open flame or ordinary electrical equipment should not be less than 10 meters.

4. The distance from the air inlets such as air conditioning units, air compressors and ventilation equipment should not be less than 20 meters.

5. The distance from other flammable gas storage locations should not be less than 20 meters.

6. A bracket with a fixed gas cylinder.

7. The use of gas cylinders in multi-storey buildings, in addition to the special needs of production, should generally be placed at the top of the outer wall.

8. Use gas cylinders, no knocking or collision; cylinders should not be close to heat sources; exposure should be prevented during the summer.

9. A special pressure reducer must be used. When opening the cylinder, the operator should stand behind the valve port and the movement should be gentle.

10. When the valve or pressure reducer leaks, it must not be used continuously; when the valve is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to replace the valve when there is pressure in the bottle.

11. Never use up the gas in the bottle, and the residual pressure above 5 kPa should be retained.

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