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Helium characteristics

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Helium has the following characteristics:

1. The content of radon in the air is extremely small, accounting for only about one in 200,000, which is easy to find;

2. The ruthenium molecule is small, light in weight, easy to diffuse, and easy to pass through the leak hole than other gases;

3. The cesium ion charge-to-mass ratio is small, which is easy to perform mass spectrometry analysis;

4, helium is non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution to the atmosphere.

5, helium is an inert gas, chemically stable, will not corrode and damage equipment;

6, helium is non-toxic, does not condense, it is extremely difficult to accommodate water.

Because helium has the above characteristics, the application of helium leak detection has gone from research institutes to industrial enterprises to individual enterprises. It can be said that the application field is extremely broad.

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