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Helium basic knowledge

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Product Name: Helium Helium

Other names: Leak detection gas, Helium

Product purity: 99.9~99.9999%

Product Description: Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-combustible inert compressed gas. With its low boiling point of -268.9 ° C, liquid helium can be used for ultra-low temperature cooling. Helium is indispensable in superconductor applications that are of great interest in areas such as suspension trains. In addition, helium is often used for filling gas in spacecraft or advertising balloons due to its chemical inactivity and lighter characteristics. This use is also well known. In the use of mixed gas for breathing in the field of marine development, and for the superconducting magnet cooling of magnetic resonance imaging equipment in the medical field, helium is widely used: military, scientific research, petrochemical, refrigeration, medical, semiconductor, and pipeline. Leak detection, superconducting experiments, metal manufacturing, deep sea diving, high-precision welding, optoelectronics production, etc.

Note: Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-combustible high-pressure gas stored in a gas cylinder. When the content is increased, the oxygen content is lower than 19.5%, which may cause asphyxiation. Comes with a self-priming breathing mask. The bottled gas product is a high-pressure filling gas, which should be used after being decompressed and pressure-reduced. The used cylinders are used for a long period of time. All expired cylinders must be sent to a department for safety inspection before they can continue to be used. When using exhaust gas per bottle, the residual pressure in the bottle should be kept at 0.5MPa, and the minimum pressure should not be lower than 0.25MPa. The valve should be closed to ensure the gas quality and safety. Bottled gas products should be stacked in storage, storage and use. It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable gas and combustion-supporting gas. It is not allowed to be close to open flames and heat sources. Do not near fire, do not touch oil, do not expose to the sun, do not throw Do not hit, do not conduct arcing or arcing on the cylinder, and prohibit rough handling.

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