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Heat treatment of seamless cylinders

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With various aspects of the rapid development of society, all kinds of mechanical role in the industrial gas is more and more cause the attention of relevant personage, and industrial gas continuously reform will steel seamless gas cylinders application domain gradually spread, its important function mainly reflects in the helium and hydrogen transport work.

Common large steel seamless gas cylinders using Cr - Mo steel, and then after heat treatment of high strength, have relatively good mechanical and flexibility, to ensure the safety of the cylinder transportation performance.

Because of the heat treatment is so important to the cylinder has a decisive influence, therefore, the cylinder standards at home and abroad for the cylinder heat treatment operation of each link that heat treatment preparation, heat treatment, heat treatment process control records very clearly put forward a series of requirements, in order to make the cylinder, heat treatment to achieve the requirements in the manufacturing process of large steel seamless gas cylinder response to heat treatment quality control, process test, heat treatment equipment and process documents etc. To make clear rules. Liquid gas bottle testing equipment


An official before heat treatment, heat treatment process test is in for the first time to adopt new technology, new material heat treatment process and conduct a test, the test process including the scheme of process test, experiment process, process test result display and result analysis, under special circumstances, in order to ensure the heat treatment process can also needed a series of experiment was carried out.

In the process of cylinder making, the quality control of heat treatment equipment should be taken seriously. Only the quality control of the heat treatment equipment can guarantee the production quality of the cylinder. First, make sure that the heat treatment control meter is accurate; Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the precision of the temperature required in the heat treatment of the cylinder, as well as the precision of the heat area in the heating equipment. In general, the heat insulation accuracy of the heat treatment furnace is no more than 15c. In addition, the manufacturer should establish a reasonable and effective system of heat treatment equipment to ensure the good operation of the heat treatment equipment.

Will inevitably be in the process of production of the cylinder, some unqualified products, unqualified for the cylinder cylinder manufacturer should also be given control, ensure that qualified cylinders do not record, segregation, processing, to the problem of the cylinder repair parts a bit heavy. Batch disqualified cylinders should be kept in a cylinder file in time to provide useful information for future reform of cylinder technology. There are two main types of disqualification of cylinder heat treatment: during the heat treatment of cylinder, the equipment has a problem, and the heat treatment effect is not up to standard. The cylinder test failed to meet the relevant regulations in the late stage of heat treatment of cylinder. LNG cylinder detection equipment

Heat treatment plays an important role in China's industrial manufacturing industry. There is no doubt that heat treatment is the core part of the process of making seamless cylinders of steel. It is not only about the quality of the cylinder, but also about the safety of the transportation link. With the development of the society and the progress of science and technology, our country related research about seamless gas cylinder steel heat treatment will be more mature, believe in the near future, in the advancement of science and industry developed, under the dual role of seamless gas cylinder steel heat treatment technology will be more rapid.

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