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Gaseous fuel

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The gaseous fuel can be directly used as a fuel for an internal combustion engine or the like, and can also be used as a raw material for industries such as synthetic ammonia, artificial petroleum, and organic synthesis.

Gas fuel is a kind of high-quality, high-efficiency and clean fuel. Its ignition temperature is relatively low, the flame propagation speed is fast, the burning speed is fast, the combustion is very easy and simple, and it is easy to realize automatic gas transmission, mixing and combustion processes. Features: (1) The basic pollution-free gas fuel is basically ash-free, and the nitrogen content and sulfur content are much lower than coal and liquid fuel, and the dust content in the combustion flue gas is extremely small. The content of sulfides and nitrogen oxides is very low, which is very favorable for environmental protection. It is basically a non-polluting fuel, and the most environmentally demanding areas can also be applied. At the same time, gaseous fuel is transported by pipeline without ash, which basically eliminates harmful gases, dust and noise generated during transportation and storage.

(2) It is easy to adjust the gas to be transported through the pipeline. As long as the valve and damper are adjusted accordingly, the gas consumption can be changed, the load change can be quickly adapted, low-oxygen combustion can be realized, and the boiler thermal efficiency can be improved.

(3) Good workability Compared with liquid fuel, gas fuel transportation is direct supply of pipelines, and does not require oil storage tanks, daily fuel tanks and other components. In particular, compared with heavy oil, the heating, heat preservation and other measures can be eliminated, the gas system is simple, the operation and management are convenient, and the automation is easy.

(4) Easily adjust the calorific value When burning liquefied petroleum gas, add part of the air, which can avoid part of the explosion range and adjust the calorific value. According to the gas quantity design specification, the low calorific value of the gas in the standard state should be greater than 147000kJ/m3.

(5) The shortcomings of gaseous fuels and the mixing of air in a certain ratio will form explosive gases. Most of the gaseous fuels are suffocating or toxic to humans and animals, so safety requirements are high. [3]

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