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Gas properties

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Temperature: macroscopically, the degree of heat and cold of an object; microscopically, a sign of the intensity of the irregular movement of molecules inside the object.

The relationship between thermodynamic temperature and Celsius temperature: T = t + 273 {T: thermodynamic temperature (K), t: Celsius temperature (°C)}.

Volume V: The space that gas molecules can occupy. Unit conversion: 1m3 = 103L = 106mL.

Pressure p: On a unit area, a large number of gas molecules frequently hit the wall to produce a continuous, uniform pressure, standard atmospheric pressure:

1atm=1.013×105Pa=76cmHg (1Pa=1N/m2)

2. Characteristics of gas molecular motion: large inter-molecular voids; except for the moment of collision, the interaction force is weak; the molecular motion rate is very large

3. Equation of state for ideal gas: p1V1/T1=p2V2/T2{PV/T=constant, T is thermodynamic temperature (K)}


(1) The internal energy of an ideal gas is independent of the volume of the ideal gas, and is related to the temperature and the amount of the substance.

(2) Formula 3 is an ideal gas with a certain mass. When using the formula, pay attention to the unit of temperature, t is Celsius (°C), and T is thermodynamic temperature (K).

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