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Gas cylinders are classified by manufacturing method

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A gas cylinder is a gas cylinder that can be recharged and used in a normal environment (-40~60℃), with a nominal working pressure of 1.0~30MPa (gauge pressure) and a nominal volume of 0.4~1 000 L containing permanent gas, liquefied gas or dissolved gas. Mobile pressure vessel for gas.

According to the manufacturing method, gas cylinders can be divided into the following four categories. Cylinders can be divided into the following four categories

(1) Welded gas cylinder

Welded gas cylinders are assembled by welding a cylindrical cylinder body welded with thin steel plates and heads at both ends. Welding gas cylinders are mostly used to contain low-pressure liquefied gases, such as liquefied sulfur dioxide.

(2) Controlled gas cylinder

Controlled gas cylinders are seamless gas cylinders made of seamless steel tubes. The heads at both ends of the steel tube are heated and placed on a special machine tool to be closed and formed by spinning or extrusion.

(3) Pull and stretch cylinders

After heating the steel ingot, the concave head is first punched out, and then drawn into an open bottle blank, and then the top head and mouthpiece are made according to the method of controlling gas cylinders.

(4) Winding cylinder

This gas cylinder is made of an aluminum inner cylinder and a certain thickness of alkali-free glass fiber wound on the outside of the inner cylinder. The function of the aluminum inner cylinder is to ensure the air tightness of the gas cylinder. The pressure-bearing strength of the gas cylinder depends on the glass fiber shell wall wound into a whole on the outside of the inner cylinder (using epoxy phenolic resin, etc. as a binder). The fiber material of the shell is easy to "aging", so the service life is generally not as good as that of steel gas cylinders.

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