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GCE introduce new high quality compact diaphragm valve

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GCE has announced the introduction of a new product to its range, the GCE One Touch 316L Stainless Steel compact diaphragm valve.

As specialty gas cylinders are being increasing compact and lightweight, the cylinder valve industry must also adapt its own valve technology. GCE has produced a lightweight solution to its valve family.

One of four basic valve types, the diaphragm valve is a handwheel-operated valve type, most often used for highly toxic and/or high purity gases. The design features a two-piece stem construction separated by non-perforated diaphragms which prevent leakage along the valve stem.

In order to ensure a double layer of leak security, the stem movement can be controlled by the operation of the handwheel.

This easy grip handwheel features highly visible open/closed window indications for both top and side viewing and can be rotated 90 degrees with a simple one touch fingertip control system.

GCE claims that many of the technological advance’s present in its new 316L diaphragm valves have been used in its laboratory specific Druva range of gas control equipment products, ensuring robustness and ease of use.

Other advanced features include slow opening diaphragm technology which enables a controlled gas flow to downstream laboratory equipment.


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