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Extend food shelf life with Freshline gas range

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South African industrial gases specialist Air Products has used its expertise in specialty gases to extend the shelf life of a wide variety of food products through the use of modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), which includes changing the gas inside the food packaging.

The company uses three main gases for MAP, fresh carbon dioxide (CO2, fresh nitrogen (N2) and fresh oxygen (O2)).

CO2 inhibits aerobic growth and prevents mold formation, N2 replaces oxygen and is also used as a filler gas to prevent collapse of packages, oxygen, although not commonly used, is considered necessary in the meatpacking industry because it encourages the "right" way of packing meat Pigment color.

Depending on the chemical and physical properties of the packaged food, a single gas or a mixture of gases can be used.

MAP helps reduce oxygen levels in packaged products, as too much oxygen can lead to high respiration rates in fresh-cut products, which can significantly shorten shelf life.

Commenting on the usefulness of MAP, the product manager said: "Using MAP is a safe and effective way to extend the shelf life of foods."

“It allows food manufacturers to transport their goods without fear of accelerated spoilage. It also allows retailers to store their food for longer and ensures consistent aesthetics for consumers that meet and exceed customer requirements.”

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