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Detailed explanation of the cylinder

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        A cylinder is a type of pressure vessel. It is a re-inflatable mobile cylinder containing a compressed gas or high-pressure liquefied gas with a design pressure of 1-300kgf/cm2 and a volume of not more than 1m3. It is a kind of pressure vessel commonly used in civil, public welfare and industrial and mining enterprises. Cylinders are also known as gas cylinders. The main system of gas cylinders is made of killed steel, alloy steel or high quality carbon steel. The main structure includes: bottle body, shroud, base, bottle mouth, angle valve and fusible plug, anti-vibration ring and packing.


       Cylinders are divided into welded steel cylinders and seamless steel cylinders according to the processing method and design pressure. Divided into civilian liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, common industrial gas cylinders and dissolved acetylene cylinders according to different media. According to the design pressure: there are high pressure and medium and low pressure. The high pressure gas cylinder must be a seamless structure and the welding gas cylinder is used to hold low pressure gas. At present, the specifications of cylinders (cylinders) in China are mainly as follows. Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are divided into three types: 10, 15, and 50 kg.


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