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Cylinder color mark standard

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1 acetylene white acetylene can not be near fire red

2 hydrogen H2 light green hydrogen red red P=20, light yellow single ring

P=30, light yellow double ring

3 Oxygen O2 Light (酞) Blue Oxygen Black P=20, white single ring

4 nitrogen N2 black nitrogen yellowish P=30, white double ring

5 air black air white

6 carbon dioxide CO2 aluminum white liquefied carbon dioxide black P=20, black single ring

7 ammonia NH3 yellowish liquefied ammonia black

8 Chlorine Cl2 Dark green Liquefied chlorine White

9 fluorine F2 white fluorine black

10 Nitric Oxide NO White Nitric Oxide Black

11 Nitrogen dioxide NO2 White Liquefied nitrogen dioxide Black

12 carbonyl chloride COCl2 white liquefied phosgene black

13 arsine AsH3 white liquefied arsine red

14 phosphine PH3 white liquefied phosphine red

15 diborane B2H6 white liquefied diborane red

16 tetrafluoromethane CF4 aluminum white chlorofluorocarbon 14 black

17 difluoromethylene chloride CCl2F2 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 12 black

18 difluorobromochloromethane CBrClF2 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 12B1 black

19 chlorotrifluoromethane CClF3 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 13 black P=12.5, dark green single ring

20 trifluorobromomethane CBrF3 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon B1 black

21 hexafluoroethane CF3CF3 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 116 black

22 monofluoromethylene chloride CHCl2F aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 21 black

23 difluorochloromethane CHClF2 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 22 black

24 trifluoromethane CHF3 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 23 black

25 Tetrafluorodichloroethane CClF2-CClF2 Aluminum White Liquefied Fluorocarbon 114 Black

26 pentafluorochloroethane CF3-CClF2 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 115 black

27 chlorotrifluoroethane CH2Cl-CF3 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 133a black

28 octafluorocyclobutane aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon C318 black

29 difluorochloroethane CH3CClF2 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 142b red

30 1,1,1 trifluoroethane CH3CF3 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 143a red

31 1,1 difluoroethane CH3CHF2 aluminum white liquefied chlorofluorocarbon 152a red

32 methane CH4 brown methane white P=20, light yellow single ring

P=30, light yellow double ring

33 natural gas brown natural gas white

34 ethane CH3CH3 brown liquefied ethane white P=15, light yellow single ring

P=20, light yellow double ring

35 propane CH3CH2CH3 brown liquefied propane white

36 cyclopropane brown liquefied cyclopropane white

37 butane CH3CH2CH2CH3 brown liquefied butane white

38 isobutane (CH3)3CH brown liquefied isobutane white

39 Liquefied petroleum gas Industrial brown Brown liquefied petroleum gas White

Civil silver ash, liquefied petroleum gas, red

40 ethylene CH2=CH2 brown liquefied ethylene light yellow P=15, white single ring

P=20, white double ring

41 propylene CH3CH=CH2 brown liquefied propylene thin yellow

42 butene-1 CH3CH2CH=CH2 brown liquefied butene yellow

43 cis-butene-2 brown liquefied butylene light yellow

44 anti-butene-2 brown liquefied anti-butene light yellow

45 isobutylene (CH3)2C=CH2 brown liquefied isobutylene light yellow

46 Butadiene-1,3 CH2=(CH)2=CH2 Brown Liquefied butadiene Light yellow

47 Argon Ar Silver Grey Argon Dark Green P=20, white single ring

48 氦 He Silver ash 氦 Dark green P=30, white double ring

49 氖 Ne Silver Grey 氖 Dark Green

50 氪 Kr silver ash 氪 dark green

51 氙 Xe Silver Grey Liquid 氙 Dark Green

52 boron trifluoride BF3 silver ash boron fluoride black

53 Nitrous oxide N2O Silver ash Liquefaction laugh Black P=15, dark green single ring

54 SF6 SF6 silver ash liquefied sulphur hexafluoride black P=12.5, dark green single ring

55 sulfur dioxide SO2 silver ash liquefied sulfur dioxide black

56 boron trichloride BCl3 silver ash liquefied boron chloride black

57 Hydrogen fluoride HF Silver ash Liquefied hydrogen fluoride Black

58 Hydrogen chloride HCl Silver ash Liquefied hydrogen chloride Black

59 hydrogen bromide HBr silver ash liquefied hydrogen bromide black

60 hexafluoropropyl CF3CF=CF2 silver ash liquefied perfluoropropylene black

61 sulfuryl fluoride SO2F2 silver ash liquefied sulfuryl fluoride black

62 氚 D2 Silver Grey 氚 Red

63 carbon fluoride carbon silver ash carbon fluoride red

64 fluoroethylene CH2=CHF silver ash liquefied vinyl fluoride red red P=12.5, dark yellow single ring

65 1,1 difluoroethylene CH2=CF2 silver ash liquefied vinylidene fluoride

66 monosilane SiH4 silver ash liquefied monosilane red

67 methyl chloride CH3Cl silver ash liquefied methyl chloride red

68 methyl bromide CH3Br silver ash liquefied methyl bromide red

69 ethyl chloride C2H5Cl silver ash liquefied ethyl chloride red

70 vinyl chloride CH2=CHCl silver ash liquefied vinyl chloride red

71 chlorotrifluoroethylene CF2=CClF silver ash liquefied chlorotrifluoroethylene red

72 bromide CH2=CHBr silver ash liquefied bromide red

73 methylamine CH3NH2 silver ash liquefied methylamine red

74 dimethylamine (CH3)2NH silver ash liquefied dimethylamine red

75 trimethylamine (CH3)3N silver ash liquefaction trimethylamine red

76 ethylamine C2H5NH2 silver ash liquefied ethylamine red

77 dimethyl ether CH3OCH3 silver ash liquefied methyl ether red

78 methyl vinyl ether CH2=CHOCH3 silver ash liquefied vinyl methyl ether red

79 ethylene oxide silver ash liquefied ethylene oxide red

80 methyl mercaptan CH3SH silver ash liquefied methyl mercaptan red

81 hydrogen sulfide H2S silver ash liquefied hydrogen sulfide red

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