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Cryogenic liquid tank car filling safety regulations

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1. The use, transportation and maintenance of tank trucks must be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Liquefied Gas Tank Truck Safety Supervision Regulations"; the use, management and maintenance of tank truck containers must be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the "Pressure Vessel Safety Technical Supervision Regulations".

2. The liquid oxygen tank truck must have an electrostatic grounding device.

3. The tank truck can enter the filling place for filling only after obtaining the consent of the relevant personnel; the operator must be on site during filling. The filling operation should be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures to prevent the overflow of cryogenic liquid. When filling with liquid oxygen, there should be no open flame within 5 meters.

4. Before the tank truck is connected to the filling and infusion pipeline, it must be in a braking state to prevent it from moving; anti-skid blocks should be installed on the slope.

5. After the tanker is filled, leave in time. If the filling work is interrupted for too long (overnight or holiday interruption), the infusion tube should be disconnected.

6. During the filling and unloading operation of the tank truck, the automobile engine must be turned off.

7. When filling or disposing of liquid oxygen, operators must not wear work clothes and personal protective equipment contaminated by grease. All clothing and protective equipment contaminated by grease must be replaced; chemical fiber clothing with electrostatic effects must not be worn; Wear shoes with nails.

8. If the operator's work clothes have been infiltrated with oxygen, they must not enter a place with open flames. If necessary, clothes must be changed or thoroughly blown off, and blow off in the atmosphere for at least 15 minutes.

9. When the operator's skin is frostbited due to contact with low-temperature liquid or low-temperature gas, the injured part should be soaked or rinsed in warm water in time. Do not dry and heat. Serious frostbite should be treated quickly to the hospital.

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