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Common cylinder color mark standard

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No. Filling gas name Chemical type Bottle color Typeface Color circle

1 acetylene white acetylene can not be near fire red

2 hydrogen H2 light green hydrogen red red P=20, light yellow single ring

P=30, light yellow double ring

3 Oxygen O2 Light (酞) Blue Oxygen Black P=20, white single ring

4 nitrogen N2 black nitrogen yellowish P=30, white double ring

5 air black air white

6 carbon dioxide CO2 aluminum white liquefied carbon dioxide black P=20, black single ring

7 ammonia NH3 yellowish liquefied ammonia black

8 Chlorine Cl2 Dark green Liquefied chlorine White

9 fluorine F2 white fluorine black

10 Nitric Oxide NO White Nitric Oxide Black

11 Nitrogen dioxide NO2 White Liquefied nitrogen dioxide Black

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