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Celebrate the National Day

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Luo Sheng Juwei held National Day, Qing Chung Yeung art show (2)

Carry forward the Chinese nation respect for the elderly, honor the traditional virtues, enrich the cultural life of the community residents. September 26 at 5:30 pm, Luo Sheng residential arts and cultural team in the South Gate Plaza, Luo Sheng Yuan launched the "National Day, Qing Chung Yeung" theatrical performances, attracting many residents to watch.

Luo Sheng Juwei held National Day, Qing Chung Yeung art show (3)Luo Sheng neighborhood art group is composed of the elderly residents of the district art troupe, they have their own strengths, wide range of interests, the rich variety of theatrical performances, participating in the program all by their own self-directed, performed singing and dancing "Well-off Heaven" and rap "point praise new Baoshan", drum performance "agitation world" and other classic programs, so that the scene climax after another, constantly sounded warm applause. The actors are full of enthusiasm, wonderful performances, so that the presence of residents frequently applauded, live happily.

Luo Sheng Juwei held National Day, Qing Chung Yeung art show (1)Actors dressed in festive costumes, beautiful dance, singing loud and clear, full of energy, high spirits, full display of the Luo Sen residential areas of the elderly rich and colorful old age life, reflects the community sports and cultural development of old age results and old friends "old For the old music "good mental outlook.


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