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CO2Concrete rebrands as CarbonBuilt

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CO2Concrete has rebranded as CarbonBuilt to better align its mission to store significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) in concrete used for the built environment.

The US-based company this week (22nd Feb) announced the name change, in addition to unveiling the appointment of climate-tech veteran Rahul Shendure as its new CEO.

Commenting on the changes, Shendure said, “The incredible size of the concrete market and its ability to permanently store carbon make it perhaps the best opportunity the world has to reduce CO2 emissions.”

“Our ‘no compromise’ concrete meets the sustainability needs of builders and customers while offering a compelling value proposition for concrete producers and companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.”

“Together, this adds up to the potential for a gigaton-scale reduction in emissions.”


CarbonBuilt’s ReversaTM platform, which was developed over the course of seven years at UCLA’s Institute for Carbon Management, includes innovations to both the concrete mixture design and the curing process.

The Reversa formulation(s) includes calcium hydroxide, a commodity chemical used in a wide range of applications and enables the increased and more flexible use of waste materials like fly ash.

In Reversa’s curing process, CO2 contained within dilute flue gas streams (with no requirement for capture or purification) is permanently sequestered into the concrete.

Together, these innovations enable concrete manufacturers to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their products in a manner that increases profitability.

The first field demonstration of the technology at scale took place at the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority’s Integrated Test Center, where the team successfully sequestered waste CO2 from a coal-fired power plant in more than 10,000 concrete blocks.

A second demonstration, using waste CO2 from a natural gas-fired turbine at the National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama, is currently under way. These demonstrations highlight the technology’s ability to accommodate a wide range of dilute CO2 streams, unlocking the potential for partnerships across a wide range of industries.


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