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Air Products contributes to the 2022 Green Winter Olympics with the world's leading hydrogen energy technology solutions

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Air Products (NYSE: APD), the world’s leading provider of hydrogen energy and hydrogen energy solutions, recently announced that its first hydrogen refueling station project for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has completed equipment installation and commissioning in Zhangjiakou, Hebei. Try to improve successfully. This is the first 70 MPa hydrogenation project to serve the Winter Olympics. It is built, owned and operated by Air Products. The company also participates in the construction of other hydrogen refueling stations to provide hydrogen energy guarantee to help the green Winter Olympics and China's sustainable development.

The hydrogen refueling project is located in the hydrogen refueling station of the Prince City service area in the Chongli competition area, the core area of the Winter Olympics ski competition. It adopts the advanced hydrogen refueling technology and equipment of Air Products, and is formed by Air Products and Zhangjiakou. The project department progressed to completion on schedule, with a daily hydrogen refueling capacity of 200 kg and a refueling pressure of 70 MPa. The project can quickly refuel new fuel cell vehicles including Toyota Costa Hydrogen Engine and the new MIRAI.

Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Products, said: “Air Products is very honored to contribute to the creation of a green Beijing Winter Olympics. This is an excellent platform for hydrogen energy application demonstrations and contributes to the promotion of energy transformation. , Achieving a cleaner future has a lasting influence. As one of our important measures to support the Beijing Winter Olympics, a major global event, the hydrogen refueling project is also closely aligned with Air Products’s leadership role in responding to energy and environmental challenges. Higher mission."

As one of the venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics and the country's first national-level renewable energy demonstration zone, Zhangjiakou is actively creating a world-class hydrogen energy application demonstration city and practicing the concept of "Green Olympics". The hydrogen refueling station in the Prince City service area built by Air Products is the first Winter Olympics guaranteed hydrogen refueling station with a refueling capacity of 70 MPa in Zhangjiakou. It undertakes important hydrogen energy supply tasks and will help China show high-tech technologies to the world. The green event also provides first-hand experience for promoting the commercial operation of domestic 70 MPa hydrogen energy.

Su Junxiong, President of Air Products China, emphasized: “We are very proud to be able to help China hold an environmentally sustainable Winter Olympics with the company’s technology, programs and projects, and to stay for the post-Winter Olympics era. Under the green heritage. By working with customers and partners to promote zero-emission transportation, we will continue to help China's sustainable development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and in the future, and will play a role in supporting the realization of the "dual carbon" goal."

Air Products has more than 60 years of experience in the field of hydrogen energy and a wide range of patented hydrogen fuel filling technologies. The company has participated in more than 250 hydrogen refueling station projects in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and its technology is used in more than 1.5 million hydrogen refueling operations every year.

As one of the first multinational gas companies to enter China, Air Products has been supporting domestic social and economic development since 1987. The company participated in a number of hydrogen energy demonstration projects, including the first domestic hydrogen refueling station built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and also supported a number of domestic hydrogen refueling station demonstration projects, including the first domestic hydrogen refueling station of the National Energy Investment Group. Hydrogen station, and Shandong’s first fixed hydrogen refueling station with two filling pressures of 35MPa and 70Mpa. At present, the company is building the first world-class commercial liquid hydrogen plant in China in Haiyan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

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