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SEFIC provide all kinds of gas , such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Acetylene, special gas, and mix gases, which is wildly used in industry welding, metal processing, food and beverage, electronic...
Seamless Steel Cylinder
SEFIC provide ISO9809-1 standard, ISO9809-3 standard, GB5099 standard, DOT UNISO9809-1, DOT-3AA, TC-3AAM, EN1964-1, QJB THB0008, IS7285 and KGS standard, we can also produce base on your requirements.
Aluminum gas Cylinder
SEFIC provide Medical Cylinder, Medical Breathing Apparatus, CO 2 Beverage Cylinder, Paintball alloy Cylinder, CO 2 Fire Extinguisher, High pressure Carbon fiber composite cylinder, SCUBA Tank and so on.
LPG Gas Cylinder
Inflatable weight for liquefied petroleum gas cylinder of SEFIC are from 5kg to 50kg. They can be widely used in industry, eatery, hotel and family, ect. In addition to sell well throughout the country.
Helium Balloon Cylinder
Helium balloon cylinder is one of our hot sales products for they are the symbol of happy life and happy time. They are for filling different balloons and widely use for wedding, birthday party, celebration and so on.
Dewar Tank
Dewar — Industrial gas welded Thermal-insulating cylinder wihch is designed for storage, transport and use of LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO 2, These containers are widely used local storage and supply cryotenic liquid gas.
Microbulk Solutions — AJT
AJT series is an innovative gas storage platform, especially designed for substitutes of industrial cylinder users in cutting, welding, cryogenic lab and hospital...... It's more reliable, efficient and cost -effective.
Liquid Storage Tank
Cryogenic storage tank is divided into vertical or horizontal, the main material is Q235-B or 345R, the specifications are 5-100m 3, working pressure is 0.8-2.2Mpa. Widely used in electronic industry, chemical industry......
Tank Container
Tank container is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed in the fastening external framework, mostly adopted 316 stainless steel. The majority of tank are with steam or electric heating device, inert gas protection device.
Gas Solutions
SEFIC provide gas filling station system design, engineering installation, commissiong, training, and after-sales service and etc, and can provide EPC project. The Air separation plant can produce all kinds of gas.
Product Drawing Download
We not only provide gas and gas equipment, but also provide the gas project solution and products size chart drawing. Cooperate with SEFIC, Choose a Trustworthy Partner!


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