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  • Industrial gas cylinders are cylinders used to store and transport industrial gases. Generally, gases stored include carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen, and oxygen. We must pay attention to safety when using it, and take correct use to avoid explosion accidents. Separated from flammable objects, the


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  • The use of seaming cylinders should be carried out on the basis of the rules and regulations stipulated by the state. We use traditional Chinese medicine regularly for inspection at ordinary times. It is not allowed to be placed with dangerous substances and kept away from the heat source.1. Seamles


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  • The safe use of oxygen cylinders has already been marked in regulations. Oxygen cylinders are steel bottles loaded with oxygen and can effectively store gases. We should be more careful when using it. We should be careful to keep away from dangerous objects when using it. How can we safely use oxyge


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  • Product Name: Nitrous oxideAlias: LaughingMolecular formula: N2ONature: colorless sweet gas, is an oxidant, can support combustion under certain conditions (with oxygen, because laugh gas can be decomposed into nitrogen and oxygen at high temperature), but stable at room temperature, with a slight a


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  • Foam shell dry powder fire extinguishing devices include square, cylindrical and spherical bodies, light weight, 0.6 ~ 1.2kg, even the elderly and children can easily use, easy to install in any place where fire may occur, such as distribution box, gas Cans, as well as flammable chemicals. When it c


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  • In fact, many people do not use fire extinguishers correctly. Moreover, heavier fire-fighting equipment may not be available to the elderly and children. This not only delayed the fire, but also caused unnecessary casualties. So missed the best time to fire. Today Xiao Bian brought everyone the gosp


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  • Oxygen cylinders are the storage tanks, and there are some special requirements for the structure and the application of the pressurized containers. Therefore, in addition to the pressure vessel related specifications, there are also special specifications. So what do you need to be aware of when us


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  • Oxygen is one of the components of air, colorless, odorless, tasteless. Oxygen is heavier than air, in the standard conditions (0 ℃ and atmospheric pressure 101325 mpa) density of 1.429 g/l, soluble in water, but the solubility is small. Oxygen can be directly combined with many element


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  • Welcome to SEFIC News Channel! SEFIC is a gas cylinder manufacturer & gas project solution supplier in China. We offer gas project solution & gas equipment - Oxygen Gas Cylinder, Nitrogen Gas Cylinder, Argon Gas Cylinder, CO2 Gas Cylinder, Hydrogen Gas Cylinder, Helium Gas Cylinder, Acetylene ga


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  • Dry powder fire extinguishing ball series products, filled with ultra-fine dry powder, when a fire occurs, as long as it is thrown into the fire, the internal super fine dry powder will be released out of the air and extinguish the flame. At the same time, dry powder fire extinguishing ball series p


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