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Industry Knowledge
  • Product Name: Helium HeliumOther names: Leak detection gas, HeliumProduct purity: 99.9~99.9999%Product Description: Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-combustible inert compressed gas. With its low boiling point of -268.9 ° C, liquid helium can be used for ultra-low temperature cooling. Helium is


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  • Hydrogen and empty bottles should be stored separately in the compartment at the edge of the unit and away from open flames or equipment with operating temperatures equal to or higher than the ignition point.The hydrogen cylinder should be light green according to GB 7144, and the 20 MPa cylinder sh


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  • Friends who often use oxygen bottles may know that oxygen cylinders should stay away from fat. So what should we adopt in our daily lives? I'll give you a quick comment. You can check it out.1, The warehouse and transportation vehicles of the storage tanks are prohibited from storing and transportin


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  • 325/5000 Why is it that oxygen cylinders, especially the bottles, can't infect and touch the oil? Because of grease, especially contain not plump fat and acid fat, very simple gasification exorcise. Oil gauze head, oil cloth because can help combustion is because in the atmosphere the attack oxidiz


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  • We are all familiar with oxygen bottles, especially in hospitals, which are important for transporting and storing oxygen. Its main purpose is used for auxiliary treatment of respiratory diseases caused by lack of oxygen, heart and cardiovascular system diseases, oxygen equipment, mainly used in hos


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