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To our dear customers

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Dear Sir;

Thanks for you and your company to be SEFIC Clients.

We would like to introduce some information and suggestion for COVID-19 .

Since Dec., 2019, China have COVID-19 Virus outbreak, it caused a lot of deaths /damages in China. China Gov take powerful policy to control this virus. Now China is getting better and better.

The COVID-19 is so contagious and its spread very fast. At present, Euro countries such as Italy, U.S.A, Korea, Japan and so on, A large number of people got this Infectious Diseases.

As our experience in China and for the safety of you and your family, we strongly recommend the following:

Stay at home till the COVID-19 Pass,

wear Mask to protect your self and your family.

Store some food at least two weeks and

store some Disinfection products;

As your gas company, we suggest to store some medical gas in case to save human life. Our cylinder will be your best choice.

If you need more personal protection products, such as Medical Cloth, Glass, infrared thermometer, gloves and mask and so, pls contact us and we will help you to get these products.

Wish you and your family and your company Safety.

Wish we have peaceful, health and safety world.


MARCH., 7TH 2020.


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