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Enterprise Strategy


Located in Shanghai, SEFIC is a professional manufacturer of gas cylinder and affiliated equipment such as valve, cap and soft steel pipe for the gas filling. We have more than 10-year experience in gas industry and have reputation in this field.

Our products have won praise from customers worldwide. And our products have been exported to US. Euro Countries, such as Germany, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, South America such as Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Africa such as Angola, South Africa.

In 2014, SEFIC was dedicated to company improvement and transformation and the overseas market expansion. We have developed into a gas equipment and gas project solution supplier from a single gas device manufacturer in China.

At present, SEFIC, with experts in gas industry, concentrates on the introduction of advanced technical solutions of American and European countries. Besides, we hire the experts as our adviser and enhance our company competitiveness by making long-term project and market strategies and updating technology service ability.

In 2015, SEFIC is developing rapidly in a new phase. With competitive price and best service, we will do our best to provide you high quality products and gas project solutions, which is supported by the powerful technical team and experience about gas industry. We aim at creating a better future with customers.

Build a global enterprise development strategy, to create a new round of competitive advantage!

Industrial civilization beyond the boundaries of hitherto unknown given the era of information civilization enterprise creative atmosphere and environment are the third "China development model Chinese entrepreneurs seeking" The Belt and Road "strategy".

To build the core competitiveness of enterprises - "can understand, can not learn to imitate, can not be transferred grafting" - to strengthen their own sustainable enterprises.


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