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Product Description:

Dewar is designed for storage, transport and use of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon or carbon dioxide. These containers are made according to standard DOT4L, widely used local storage and supply cryogenic liquid gas.
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Gas cylinder parameters and features
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Dewar tank, is the use of super vacuum insulated stainless steel pressure vessel for the storage, transport and use of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon or carbon dioxide and design. These containers are manufactured by DOT4L standard for reliable and economical transport and storage of cryogenic liquid gas, and stored on site and supply low-temperature over a wide range of applications of liquid gas.

Dewar tank has two main advantages: the first is that, compared with a compressed gas cylinder that can accommodate a large number of gas at relatively low pressure. The second is that it provides a source of cryogenic liquid easy to handle.

Since Dewar tank rugged, reliable, maintaining a long time, and self-contained air supply system, it can use its built-in carburetor continuous output flow up to 9.2m3 / h at room temperature gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon), the highest gas constant output pressure up to 1.2 MPa (medium-pressure) /2.2 MPa (high pressure), fully meet the gas requirements under normal circumstances. If the user with the gas flow is large, it can use more than just a method Dewar tank or install external parallel carburetor to meet supply requirements. Through the installation of an external vaporizer, single Dewar tank maximum output flow up to 30m3 / h.

Dewar tank can provide a variety of purposes:

1. work directly in the field of gas supply, the use of compressed gas cylinders with a similar form;

2. Small simple centralized gas pipeline;

3. The use of cryogenic liquids and the like.

Dewar tank advantages:

1. Save the pressure is low, set up multi-level security protection, better security, and the operation is simple and reliable.

2. Storage capacity, a six-party gas cylinder storage capacity equivalent to gas cylinders (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) in the last 30 bottles. Thereby reducing storage space, reduce decanting operations, improve work efficiency. For the purposes of centralized gas supply pipeline, but also reduce bus investment.

3. bottle cleaner, more supply gas purity. Because it is directly vaporized liquid gas supply, to avoid the gas cylinders from the filling, transportation, use, due to link more vulnerable to quality problems of secondary pollution. Typically oxygen output purity ≥99.2%, nitrogen purity ≥99.999%, argon purity ≥99.995%, carbon dioxide purity ≥99.9%.

The gas utilization is high: after each use gas cylinders must stay more than pressure, while the six-party liquid gas cylinders to avoid any waste, reduce gas costs.

5. The six-party cylinders weight about 116Kg, after filling liquid gas total weight of about 300Kg, while the same amount of gas 30 bottles of compressed gas cylinders the total weight of nearly 2000 Kg. It can greatly reduce the cost of transportation and auxiliary Handling of manpower.

6. With automatic pressure control, saving circuit, built carburetor, pressure and level indication, high integration.

7. The use of advanced technology, improve the production environment, enhance corporate image.

8. without any kinetic energy, without power, water supply influence, can work around the clock.

External structure Dewar tank: Dewar tank under normal circumstances has four valves, which use liquid valve, gas use valves, vent valves, pressure valves. There are also vapor pressure gauge and level gauge. Dewar tank storage when not in use remember not to open the booster valve, be sure to check the booster valve is shut, otherwise it will cause leaking gas tank. Dewar tank high vacuum multilayer insulation, volume 170-200L, easy to transport and use of a small amount of cryogenic liquids, is to replace the traditional high-pressure bottled gas transportation and use of new options.

How to use dewar tank ?

1. Use a high-pressure metal hose connecting the Dewar tank liquid valve and evaporator where the pipe, can be opened to confirm the connected liquid using a valve.

2. If the leading companies use plant gas pressure is less than the requirement, please open the booster valve, wait a few minutes the pressure will rise, to achieve the requirements, can be used.

3. Use the Dewar tank liquid and vapor pressure not only 5kg, that means that the gas tank has been completed Dewar, please turn off the liquid using a valve, discontinue use.

As a China gas cylinder manufacturer, SEFIC offer Oxygen Gas Cylinder, Nitrogen Gas Cylinder, Argon Gas Cylinder, CO2 Gas Cylinder, Hydrogen Gas Cylinder, Helium Gas Cylinder, Acetylene gas cylinder, CO2 Cartridge and Aluminum gas CylinderCE/TUV certified.

Packaging & Delivery

gas cylinders packaging

We are always packaging the gas cylinders carefully, and we will be responsible for each product, at last, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment, you can rest assured to cooperate with us!

gas cylinders SHIPPING

We have a lot of partners who always provide the most rapid means of transportation, so we are committed to work hard to ensure that every shipment of goods are safe, punctual arrival. in fact, Cooperate with SEFIC, Choose a Trustworthy Partner!

gas cylinders delivery

Once we receive your purchase Order and deposit money, we will be reviewed and arrange for production as soon as possible, we are committed to producing better products and services, and to inform you that inspection, after inspection, we will give the contract agreement your delivery, Please note the check and give us a single receipt......
There are many modes of transportation, such as “FOB”, “CFR”, “CIF”, “DDP”, “DAP”, and we choose “FOB” or “CFR” usually.
If you need other modes of transportation, such as express delivery, transportation aircraft or others, please contact us and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time, our aim is to make you satisfied. We will give you solve the problem as soon as possible.


We are committed to provide better products and services, but due to force majeure, such as the cause of transportation accidents, pirate and natural disasters ,We can provide a certificate, but not liable for damages.


If you are interested in our products or you have any ideas about us, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure all your approaches will be dealt with professionally and promptly !

What Capacity?
Q: What is the capacity of Dewar tank?
A:Nominal Capacity: 175L~495L; Effective capacity : 164L~455L.
Delivery Time?
Q: What is the delivery time of Dewar tank?
A: Within 30 Days once deposit paid and workshop drawings confirmed.
Any Protection?
Q: Do you have any protection for the Dewar tank?
A: Yes, each dewar gas cylinder will be equiped with a corrugated box or a
stainless steel shelf during the transportation.
Order Flow?
Q: Can you telll me the Order Flow?
A: Yes, In Sefic, We suggest the Order Flow as follows:
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