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Daily Activities

Luo Sheng Juwei held National Day, Qing Chung Yeung art show (2)

Celebrate the National Day

Carry forward the Chinese nation respect for the elderly, honor the traditional virtues, enrich the cultural life of the community residents. Sep. 26 at 5:30 pm……

Honorable person CS activity (2)

Honorable person CS activity

In May 12th, Our company organized a Honorable person CS activity, reflects the team's ability through practice: only a person in the face……

SEFIC A Spring Outing (1)

SEFIC A Spring Outing

Spring came with all its glories. The new grass exposed its green colour. The pretty flowers opened their blossoms. We were tempted to go for an outing.

sefic Christmas

SEFIC Christmas

On the Christmas Eve, we held a little celebrating party and had lots of good time. We also share things together and enjoy happy moment together.


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